Dartmouth Energy and Sustainability Careers is a web resource maintained by the Dartmouth Sustainability Office and the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society. Our goal is to connect students with the resources and people they need to pursue careers related to sustainability and energy. We do this by linking students with alumni and partners who are experts and mentors in their respective fields and guiding students to our many campus partners including the Center for Professional Development, the Dartmouth Alumni Office, and the Student Employment Office.


It is our hope that Dartmouth's campus is only the beginning of opportunity and inspiration in these deeply challenging and rewarding career directions, and that we may help to provide a sound sense of purpose in the pathways that our students and alumni pursue. 

If you have ideas for how we can improve, please send us a note!

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Technology, engineering, and design


1. Renewable Choice Energy 
2. Tesla Motors  
3. XL Hybrids 
4. Sram  
5. Mosaic 
6. Verdant Power 
7. Solaire Generation  
8. TetraTech  
9. Voltaic 
10. Thinkeco 
11. Sefaria 
12. Blue Planet Environmental 
13. Dewberry  
14. AKF Group  
15. Arcadis 
16. Contiuum Innovation 
17. Nest Labs  
18. Synapse Product Design  
19. What If Innovation Partners 
20. Reboot